Vision Statement

Vision Statement


The Pavilion Board of Education will fulfill the District Vision Statement with a steadfast commitment to the community’s ideals.  Over time, this effort will be sustained by effective goal setting, program review, development, and implementation. The Board’s course of action will be guided by sound principle, fiscal responsibility, and fidelity.

Vision Statement:

The Pavilion Central School District will purposefully foster learning in a supportive, inspiring environment which embraces creativity and inquiry-based experiences.  We will nurture and strengthen critical thinking necessary for our students to successfully adapt to an ever-changing technological world.  A collaborative partnership including our community, parents, administrators, and educators will challenge our students with a rigorous academic curriculum that develops character and skills for productive careers.  We will embrace our rural identity as the core values for strong school and community pride as students strive for excellence in all aspects of life.

Strategic Priorities

  • Prepare students for future success

  • Inspire and celebrate success of the Pavilion School Community

  • Foster a climate that enhances the social and emotional well-being of our community

  • Create a reflective and innovative culture while being good stewards for the community

  • Maximize rigorous learning for all students, fostering creativity, inquiry, and critical thinking

Pavilion Central School


Mission Statement

“The Pavilion Central School District firmly believes that our school exists to provide a challenging educational environment which will prepare every individual child for a productive life in a global society.”